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The free & superior ShareX file host

We do not enforce any kind of limit to your file count or extensions of files.
Our users can enjoy our 40+ premium domains including wildcards.
All uploaded files are encrypted using AES-256-CBC.
Using the host is free of charge for everyone.

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Files uploaded: 399263
Users registered: 1008

Available Domains

Normal Domains

  • encrypting.host
  • bean.forsale
  • clown.bingo
  • farting.community
  • freenud.es
  • hvh.zone
  • hidemypa.in
  • i.uwu.plus
  • gommemo.de
  • egirl.rip
  • i.egirl.wtf
  • i.uwu.bz
  • i.uwu.plus
  • its-the.best
  • oh-no.icu
  • hatecri.me
  • based.wiki
  • sharex.host
  • poopi.ng
  • terrible.codes

Offensive Domains

  • cocaine.supply
  • cum.institute
  • egirl.agency
  • egirl.rip
  • fuck.healthcare
  • fuck.healthcare
  • fuck.your-homi.es
  • fuckedyour.mom
  • furry.forsale
  • getbacktothe.kitchen
  • hiroshima-was.cool
  • i.adderall.me
  • i.ahegao.agency
  • i.egirl.wtf
  • i.schoolshooting.agency
  • iam.bombingyour.party
  • iam.shootingyour.party
  • racism.rocks
  • racism.gay
  • retardmo.de
  • ketamine.shop
  • kiss.your-homi.es
  • literally.gay
  • mydadbeat.me
  • nuke.bayern
  • nuke.saarland
  • rape.express
  • sexin.church
  • womenare.properties

Sad Domains

  • hidemypa.in
  • ireallyneedto.cyou
  • please.stopthepa.in
  • stopthepa.in

Weeb Domains

  • freehentai.cloud
  • hentai.help
  • i.ahegao.agency
  • waifu.rentals


What our users say about encrypting.host:

let's you upload using a VPN,
doesn't require you to solve a 10 minute captcha for each image you want to view,
actually feels secure and doesn't give you the feeling of 20 other people looking at your images [...]

i prefer a beer, but i'll use it anyway

can be easily integrated with flameshot to use on linux, very cool

pretty nice, easy to setup, secure and works well

faster than any host that i've used

Available URL Styles


Produces URLs like /filename?key=password


Produces URLs like /filename/password


Produces URLs like /e/filename?key=password

Recommended for Discord


Produces URLs like /z/filename


Cloaks links to a selected domain

Only works on Discord


If you also want an API key or think that an image should be
deleted, contact me via email or join the Discord.
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