We modified our upload endpoint to send json responses instead of the legacy text responses.
Check our discord to see updates regarding this change and how to update your configuration.

ShareX Config Creator

Your config:

 "Version": "12.4.1",
 "DestinationType": "ImageUploader, TextUploader, FileUploader",
 "RequestMethod": "POST",
 "RequestURL": "https://encrypting.host/upload",
 "Body": "MultipartFormData",
 "Arguments": {
  "password": "%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra%ra",
  "userKey": "",
  "urlStyle": "query",
  "domains": "[\"\"]",
  "color": "ffffff",
  "title": "encrypting.host"
 "URL": "$json:data[0].Url$",
 "DeletionURL": "$json:data[0].DeletionUrl$",
 "FileFormName": "file"

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